Posted on Thursday, September 12th, 2019

by Michael Thomas

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A Seamless Messaging Solution for Virtual Companies

Virtual Office Operations

One important use of a Virtual Office is that is allows a start-up to grow while keeping overhead manageable during the initial product sales cycles. An example is a company can be based in Santa Clara, and have its finance department in San Diego, marketing and sales is in San Francisco, while design and production is in Oakland. This presents some unique challenges: it is a company that needs to establish a centralized business view to the outside world – to customers, clients, and investors.

Team Communications with Integrated Messaging

Messaging can be thought of in four basic ways:

  • Same time/same place – conference room
  • Same time/different place – video conferencing
  • Different time/same place – voice mail
  • Different time/different place – mobile messaging on demand

A Virtual Office Management Solution to the Rescue

A Virtual Office management solution from Executive Suite 100 can centralize business communication activities. This approach allows a company to establish a single business address from which to manage company communications. The Virtual Office provides the ability to move integrated messages from one location to the other without the need of staff or additional office overhead. This solution greatly reduces operating costs and provides higher middle and net profit margin for the company.

How Does It Work?

Through Executive Suite 100’s Virtual Office service a remote business presence allows a company to market and sell its products from one single known business address. The main benefit of this service is management can reside anywhere and even a foreign corporation can establish a business presence in Silicon Valley. This identity allows a company to list themselves in directories, establish a web address, and direct mail to and receive mail from clients all under the business address of the virtual office. Another benefit of the virtual office concept is image. Simply put, this is the external “view” that a company presents of itself once a it has established its identity through a virtual office, what customers and competitors perceive about the company is a very professional, well managed and established company. A professional image is extremely desirable for a growing, start-up in Silicon Valley. Executive Suite 100’s virtual office solution provides a professional image by allowing a company to leverage shared services and resources manage marketing campaigns, engagement meetings and conference with a single solution.