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We write business plans to meet your goals and get funding

Our team, with your input, will research and write a professional business plan for your company and/or services. We assist technology companies by helping them realize their marketing potential.

How We Develop Winning Plans

Create a clear sense of demand

Advantage preservation

Competitive differentiation

Ensure plan is based on sound business principles

The Challenge is to Grow Now — and Sustain Growth

Growth is dependent on business strategy – providing the right value and relevance to the right markets – and the tactical execution to deliver results. In today's buyers' market, sustained growth also requires a demand-centric business that is able to adapt to changing demand and buying preferences.

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We Provide Market Research to Encourage Growth and Avoid Missteps

1. Search and Verify

The first step is to perform secondary research from public and private repositories. We will seek out material from all available channels including press releases, financial reports, Wall Street reports, newswires, and more.

2. Survey

We gather information by survey methods and interviews from the leaders in segment market share. Data is distilled into tables, charts, and graphs

3. Emerging Trends

By analyzing data we will determine emerging industry trends, which mat represent new business opportunities

4. Research and Writing

To support emerging patterns, we interview potential customers to determine the value proposition of the research, The final document is produced, laying out current and future industry opportunities.

Investment Grade Business Plans

Cover all areas with a professional presentation

We can prepare presentations for equity-based projects seeking capital or combined infusion of debt. We include marketing strategy, advertising methods, and infrastructure development components. It also comes with a detailed 5 year financial summary.

Our Business Plans Include:

  •  5 year financial projections
  •  Competition analysis
  •  Advertising analysis
  •  Business ratios
  •  Profit & Loss statement
  •  Balance sheet
  •  Cash flow projections
  •  Sales & strategy forecast
  •  SWOT analysis
  •  Market segmentation
  •  Marketing strategy plan

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