Posted on Thursday, September 19th, 2019

by Michael Thomas

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Virtual Office – Business Solutions for Successful Companies

Virtual Office- Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Virtual Office?

A Virtual Office with Executive Suite 100 is a remote office solution that provides you with all the services and appearances of a standard office without a traditional office space lease. Virtual Office clients are provided a business address from which they may conduct business – postal mail service, FedEx UPS and DHL packages delivery service. A business address is required to apply for a business license. With a virtual office, a live person answers your business line in your business name. Messages are taken for you or transferred to voicemail or directly to you no matter where you are.

Executive Suite 100’s Virtual Office solution provides you access to conference rooms where you meet clients in a professional setting. Photocopy and scan services are available. A Virtual Office is a very cost-effective solution for a Silicon Valley start-up, law offices, and consultant businesses. If your office location changes frequently as what happens when working out of a café or coffee shop, your business address will always remain the same with a Virtual Office.

How does a Virtual Office differ from a traditional office?

A Virtual Office supplies you with everything you need to run your business without the private office. Amenities include your business address, mail handling services, telephone messaging, document processing, conference room for meetings, kitchenette with complimentary beverage services and access to administrative, and business management services.

Who or what type of business uses your virtual office solutions?

A Virtual Office benefits many types of business in all industries. Large and global businesses use our Virtual Office solution to establish a corporate identity in Silicon Valley. Mid-size businesses use our Virtual Office solution to centralize their company telecom messaging -i.e. one single phone line for clients to call into where messages are then routed or transferred to an appropriate company contact.

Small businesses, start-ups or businesses on the go (sales reps or those with multiple offices) use our Virtual Office solution to establish their business with a single, prestigious Silicon Valley address. They also take advantage of the services and amenities we offer in order to project a very professional, credible image to their clients while curtailing capital, administrative, and office lease expenses that can otherwise be used to grow their business.

Does a Virtual Office give me place to meet clients?

Yes, one of the main benefits of our Virtual Office packages is that it includes 10 hours or more per month meeting time in a very well-appointed conference room. If you need to use the conference room more than 10 hours per month, you can book at a rate of $50 per hour during business hours.

How does my business telephone line get managed?

Your phone lines are handled exactly as you wish them to be. You have a live person answer your phone line in your business name, you may have all calls automatically forward to a voicemail for you to check periodically at your convenience, or you may have your calls routed to your cell phone. Your calls are very important and it is important to us that you do not keep your clients waiting.